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The following is a selection of frequently asked questions about Australian Labradoodles.
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Can I come and see some Australian Labradoodles in person?
You can see actual Australian Labradoodles at Lakewoods Garden Himeharu-no-Sato.
Please see the Lakewoods Garden websitelisticon-blank.gif for more details.
What should I feed my dog?
Please give your dog the brand of food specified by Nichii Green Farm until the age of 12 months. This is healthy dog food that will ease the strain on your dog's joints during their initial period of rapid growth.
Although we do not specify any particular food from the age of 12 months onwards, we recommend that you keep on using the same brand of dog food in the interests of health and safety.
What is the best way to care for my dog's coat?
You should aim to brush your dog's coat roughly once a week and wash your dog with shampoo once or twice a month.
You should also get your dog's coat trimmed from the age of nine months onwards, so that you can keep an eye on the condition of their coat.
What points do I need to consider with regard to my dog's living environment?
You should keep your dog indoors as a rule.
You can however take your dog outside or away on trips.
Can I still have an Australian Labradoodle if I have other dogs?
You can as long as you do not have any dogs of the opposite sex.
Even if you do have a dog of the opposite sex, you may still have an Australian Labradoodle if the dog has been sterilized or castrated.
What is the FCH System?
FCH is short for “family care home”.
The FCH System enables families (foster homes) that meet certain requirements to adopt an Australian Labradoodle and help out with breeding activities for the duration of their contract period.
Please see the section entitled “About the FCH System” for more details.
Can anyone sign up to the FCH System?
As a rule, the system is only open to families living within a 100 km radius of Mobara (Chiba prefecture).
Please see the section entitled “System and Requirements” for more details.
Is there any difference in the frequency with which male and female dogs take part in the breeding program?
As male dogs have to take part in mating to coincide with female dogs coming into heat, it is difficult to pinpoint the timing or frequency of breeding activities. You may be required to bring your dog in at short notice.
As the timing for female dogs is determined based on when they come into heat, we can give you an idea when you will have to bring your dog in.
Are there any fees for the FCH System?
We take payment of a deposit (¥120,000) so that participants appreciate the rarity and value of the breed. The deposit will be returned in full at the end of the contract period providing there have been no instances of negligence or other problems.
Please see the section entitled “System and Requirements” for more details.
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