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  • Background and Origins
  • A New Breed of Social Dog
  • Physical Characteristics
  • Temperament
  • Breeders


The Australian Labradoodles at Nichii Green Farm are all descended from the bloodlines of two of the leading breeders in Australia, where the breed originated.
The two breeders in question are Sunset Hills and Cloud Catcher.

Sunset Hills

Sunset Hills is a specialist Labradoodle breeder based in the outskirts of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia.
With a dry climate similar to Southern California, Sunset Hills has a more relaxed approach to breeding and gives its dogs endless opportunities to interact with people, creating the perfect environment to socialize dogs from an early age.

Cloud Catcher

Located near Mooball Nature Reserve in New South Wales, Cloud Catcher is a specialist Labradoodle breeder based on a huge site that is almost out in the wilderness.
With a near-subtropical climate, dogs are carefully raised on a home-cooked diet and get to spend every day racing around and playing in nearby ponds and rivers.

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