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  • Background and Origins
  • A New Breed of Social Dog
  • Physical Characteristics
  • Temperament
  • Breeders

Physical Characteristics


The wide range of colors is another of the Australian Labradoodle's many attractions.
They come in a range of ten and more different colors, all perfectly suited to their adorable expressions.

gold,chocolate,red,cream,cafe,lavender,chocolate phantom,black parti,golden parti,golden cream,caramel cream,black


Australian Labradoodles have three different types of coat. In their typically expressive way however, even dogs with the same type of coat can vary from loose curls to almost straight waves.

  • Fleece
    Soft, glossy coat, similar to an Angora goat

  • Wool
    Loosely curled coat, similar to a lamb's wool

  • Hair
    Less common, due to the fact dogs sometimes shed their coat with the changing seasons


Australian Labradoodles come in three sizes. As a rough guide, “miniature” dogs are around the size of a Beagle or Shiba Inu. “Medium” dogs are roughly the same size as a Border Collie or Dalmatian. “Standard” dogs are around the size of a Golden Retriever.

  • Miniature
    Height: Approx. 35-42cm
    Weight: Approx. 7-12kg

  • Medium
    Height: Approx. 42-52cm
    Weight: Approx. 13-20kg

  • Standard
    Height: Approx. 52-62cm
    Weight: Approx. 23-30kg

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