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Australian Labradoodle Activities

Training Classes: Making a difference as therapy dogs

The Nichii Group provides a wide range of home and residential care services.
We consider mental healthcare to be every bit as important as physical care, in order to lift people's spirits and enrich the everyday lives of the customers who use these services. Making the most of the Australian Labradoodle's natural therapeutic abilities, we have therefore started to provide “dog therapy” services here at NichiiGroup

To serve as a therapy dog, a dog has to master basic actions such as not barking, not biting, going to the toilet and going to their bed. We run training classes for owners and their dogs, consisting of nine sessions over the course of roughly six months and culminating in a Therapy Dog Test. Once your dog has passed, they can then start working as a therapy dog in care facilities.
Classes are taught by Ryoichi Kishi, an instructor who with extensive experience training dogs. The following reports look at the contents of our training classes and how they have developed from being quite an informal affair to begin with.

Australian Labradoodles providing support for earthquake victims

The Nichii Group has provided support for those affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake in various different ways. One initiative has been to send Australian Labradoodles out to the affected area to help lift people's spirits.
This section features reports on activities carried out by members of staff working with Australian Labradoodles in the area itself.

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