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To provide useful information that is equally accessible to all, including users with disabilities and elderly users, this website is compatible with audio browsers, Braille readers and other character-based interfaces.
We want as many people as possible to discover Australian Labradoodles' potential as service dogs. Our website is an important tool in enabling us to achieve that. We have therefore drawn up our own set of guidelines, based on official guidelines, and will continue to improve the quality of this website accordingly.


Visual information is kept separate from the document structure wherever possible.
We always try to use simple terms instead of specialist terminology.
The position of the current document within the website is clearly indicated.

Partially sighted or visually impaired users

Users can change the size of text on this website.
This website is compatible with audio browsers and quick readers.
This website is optimized for Braille readers and other character-based interfaces.

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This website is designed to be readable for users with colorblindness.

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The contents of this website can be browsed and navigated exclusively by keyboard.


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We use cookies to identify data relating to pages you have visited, to provide you with a better service. We do not collect any data that would enable us to identify specific individuals based on cookies alone. There is no risk of cookies harming your computer system or files in any way either. You can disable cookies via the settings on your browser if you wish. If you choose to disable cookies however, you may be prevented from accessing all or part of this and other websites.

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We conduct general website analysis using web beacons and cookies provided by an outside marketing company, in order to gauge how effective our marketing has been and determine how people are using the website. Data collected includes information such as the route by which visitors arrive at the site and the pages that they have visited. Although the marketing company retains data collected via the website on our behalf, we control how data can be used. If you do not wish to assist with our research, click here to opt out of the relevant website analytical tools.

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All data and literary work contained on this website are subject to copyright law, conventions and other applicable legislation in each country. The use of any such data for reasons other than personal use or purposes explicitly permitted by law (including duplication, modification, uploading, provision, transmission, licensing, etc.) is prohibited without the prior written consent of Nichii Green Farm Company (“the Company”). The names Nichii Green Farm Company and Green Club, as used on this website, are also registered trademarks belonging to the Company. It is prohibited to use or duplicate any of the data or literary work contained on this website without permission.


Although we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of information contained on this website, we do not accept responsibility for any actions taken by the customer as a result of using this site.

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As a rule, you are free to link to this website. However, please read and make sure that your website complies with the following standards.

Link Standards
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Even if your website complies with the above Link Standards, we may still ask you to remove links to our site if deemed inappropriate by the Company.


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