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  • Introduction
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The FCH System enables families (foster homes) that meet certain requirements to adopt an Australian Labradoodle and help out with breeding activities for the duration of their contract period. Families look after their Australian Labradoodle, and benefit from its excellent qualities as a therapy dog, in their own home while we handle breeding activities during the mating season. Although we require dogs to be brought back to Nichii Green Farm during the mating season, ownership is transferred at the end of the contract period (six years), after which point the family gets to keep their Australian Labradoodle as their own pet.
Families taking part in this system are required to pay a deposit (¥120,000), but that will be returned in full at the end of the contract period providing there have been no instances of negligence or other problems.

Outline of the FCH System
Eligible families As a rule, families must live within a 100 km radius of Mobara (Chiba prefecture).
Duration (contract period) and dog ownership The contract period runs for six years after signing up (signing a contract).
Nichii Green Farm will retain ownership of the dog during the contract period.
Ownership is then transferred to the new owner at the end of the contract period.
Family activities under the FCH System
  1. Take part in family get-togethers
  2. Get involved in and assist with our breeding program
System fees
We provide families with dogs on the condition that they assist with breeding activities. We require a deposit* so that participants appreciate the rarity and value of the Australian Labradoodle they are looking after.
* We take payment of the deposit (¥120,000) when the participant signs their contract. The deposit will be returned in full at the end of the contract period providing there have been no instances of negligence or other problems.
Additional benefits
1. Participants have access to free grooming services throughout their contract period (reservation required).
Less than one week ¥3,000 per night
One week to less than two weeks ¥2,400 per night
Two weeks or longer ¥2,100 per night
2. As well as looking after participants' dogs during mating season and when giving birth, we also offer kennel services at other times (special fees apply).
3. Participants take part in family get-togethers, where they learn about discipline, health management and preparing for mating season, under the supervision of an experienced trainer.
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