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Australian Labradoodle Articles

Helpful articles on how to care for your Australian Labradoodle, covering subjects such as food, discipline and health management

  • Preparing to adopt your new dog in your home
    Before bringing a puppy into your home, there are a number of minimum preparations you need to take in order to live with your new dog.
  • Healthcare
    Always make sure that you get your dog vaccinated, to protect them from disease and infection.
  • After your new dog arrives
    Some people feel sorry for dogs being put inside a small crate or pen. In reality however, dogs are animals that naturally prefer small spaces.
    If you give your dog a quiet, relaxing space that they can call their own, you are providing them with an environment in which they can feel completely at ease.
  • Walk a dog
    The main reasons for walking your dog are to provide exercise and give them a change of pace. Dogs love going for walks more than anything. As soon as they have finished their second or third course of vaccinations, you should gradually start taking your dog out for walks.
  • Training
    You may have taught your dog to do something, but it doesn't end there. You have to keep on training them to do the same thing day in, day out.
    It is important to get the timing right. Make sure everyone in your family agrees on certain rules and continues to train your dog consistently and persistently.
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