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Your Own Pet Dog

Your own pet Australian Labradoodle

Australian Labradoodles are exceedingly rare in Japan and are attracting a lot of attention from dog-lovers due to their qualities as therapy dogs. There may have been few opportunities to own one of these dogs in the past, but we have launched Japan's first service offering (sterilized or castrated) Australian Labradoodles for sale as pets.
From families that have decided against owning a dog because their children suffer from allergies, to couples whose children have grown up and flown the nest, Australian Labradoodles are friendly and offer peace of mind to anyone who hasn't had the chance to own a dog before.

Outline of pet dog sales

Summary We offer anyone who isn't eligible to take part in the FCH System, or who is just interested in owning a pet dog, the chance to buy their very own (sterilized or castrated) Australian Labradoodle.
Eligibility No specific requirements
Fees Approx. ¥350,000 - ¥450,000
(* Varies depending on sex, color, size, etc.)

Procedure for buying a pet dog

  • Enter the required information on the Pet Dog Application Form.
  • We will check the information you have provided and contact you to explain how to pay the deposit and how the procedure for buying a dog works.
  • Transfer the deposit into the specified bank account.
  • A member of staff will send you a photo and profile of your dog along with a quote so that you can check the details.
  • If you agree, a contract will be drawn up for you to sign.
  • You will be able to come and pick up your dog from Lakewoods Garden Himeharu-no-Sato (Japanese Only), at which point you will also sign your contract and pay the outstanding balance.
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